Parent’s Speak

Mrs. Rashmi & Mr. Nishand Menon.

Parents of Mrinalini Menon

It is said that a good teacher is everything a parent can never be! And that is what I’ve realised in the  past one year which has flown by too quickly. Madhuban has not just been a great learning experience for my child, but for me, her mother too. Let me explain how:
After Mrinalini joined Madhuban, she spent the first three months screaming her lungs out, crying for me to not leave her and stay with her throughout school hours. I would sit patiently, for the first half an hour, with her and Mrs Kohli. After the end of that half hour, I would start feeling impatient and want to run home to finish all the work I can before school hours end. I would try to sneak out of school, trick my child into forgetting about me and what not. At the same time, there would be many other new kids playing/crying for their mothers/sulking/running around alongside.
Throughout, Mrs Kohli would keep smiling and come up with innovative ways to cheer up every kid and divert their attention. Not once would she lose her patience. And I would wonder how she manages to do that.
Gradually, Mrinalini fell in love with her ‘Kohli Ma’am’ and I learnt that patience is the magic word.

When I was apprehensive about my child performing on stage as she seemed to have stage fright, Mrs Malhotra would tell me to rest assured and that she and the rest of the teachers will take care of Mrinalini to make sure she performs and performs well. After seeing my daughter perform confidently on stage, I learnt that I need to have more faith in my child and her capabilities. I realized that it is because her teachers believed in her so strongly that she was able to perform fearlessly.

When I saw Mrs Kavita Bajaj greet every child with hugs, cuddles, and so much love, I learnt that unconditional love is needed for a child to feel safe, secure and happy.

I have noticed with awe the extremely beautiful decorations – handmade by the teachers – that accompany every celebration, the handmade projects such as the little shoe with laces, parts of the body project, animals and their living spaces, paintings, crafts, etc. I really don’t know how you manage to make one for each child! Needless to say, every method that you have used to teach the child is both beautiful and unforgettable. Also the fact that the teachers, too, participate as enthusiastically as the kids in every event. I must make a special mention for Ms Sneha who dances so well and is, in my opinion, the implanter of the ‘dancing keeda’ in my daughter! Every dance step that has been taught at Madhuban is proudly showed off by Mrinalini at any given opportunity!
Whatever I’ve mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more I can write in appreciation of your efforts. However, because of time and space constraints, I would choose to end here by saying no matter how hard parents try to give their children the best of values, they will ultimately grow up to be young adults whose personalities are shaped by teachers like you. Today we want to show gratitude for the way you have looked after our child. Thank you for laying the best foundation to her education and thank you for being a huge source of support to us, her parents. We are going to miss Madhuban and its loving atmosphere a lot. Mrinalini will now go on to study in another school where things won’t be the same – we understand that there is no chance of getting the same kind of attention and love but we are also confident that Madhuban has equipped her with the skills and courage needed to face the change. A big thank you to Mrs Kavita Bajaj, Mrs Malhotra, Kohli Ma’am, Sneha Ma’am, Vidhi Ma’am, Laksha Ma’am (these are the names I often hear from my child’s mouth), each and every teacher, the helping staff and the security staff at Madhuban.

Mrs. Mili Nasa

Mother of Mrigank Nasa

 Madhuban is the best thing that happened to my son as first step in his journey to education. He was welcomed with open arms & warm hearts that really touched me. The positive acceptance of the school inculcated in him a sense of belongingness and desire to go to school every day. Heartfelt thanks to the entire team

Mr. Gurpreet Kalsi

Father of Prabhkirat

 Prabhkirat has spent three years in Madhuban & I would like to complement the teachers for preparing him so well for class 2nd. I feel the holistic education tat Madhuban is something every student should have a cghance to experience. It’s a case of quality over quantity.

It is worth recommending to any parent looking for a suitable school. Prabhkirat looks forward to going to school everyday and especially likes participation in functions like Annual Day. One thing that amazes me is that the teachers know every child by name ehich is no mean feat considering the number of children in school. This pleasant gesture makes Madhuban a very cosy school.

Dr. Ambica Kheterpal

Mother of Divina Kheterpal

Our children mean the world to us. But we don’t always remember to to tell them so. On the contrary; praise, encouragement & kind words are an essential part of everyday communication with kids at Madhuban.

Madhuban follows the principle that “Rewards including praise are much more effective than punishment in teaching positive behavior. I do not have words to express my gratitude to Madhuban & its whole team especially the Principal Madam, Dear Malhotra madam and the class teachers.

They all have really shaped the personality of my beloved daughter Divina. I wish the whole team all the very best for all future endeavors and wish they spread happiness to all those who come in contact with them.

Mrs Renu Singh & Mr Tejendra

Parents of Alankrita Singh

Dear madhuban Public school,
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart….. Helen Keller

Yes fragrance of madhuban will remain forever in our hearts in the form of foundation and values my daughter Alankrita got from her school. I am very happy that we have chosen Madhuban as preparatory school for my daughter, it is far more better than schools with high fly infrastructure and goodies advertisment. Here teachers are very hardworking and caring, they take a hand, open minds and touches heart of kids. Kids got emotionally attached with them and then learn in family environment. My daughter still misses her Roy n Naina ma’am. The best thing about Madhuban is that they believe in “practice makes a kid perfect” weather it is in academics or stage performance. I am very thankful to respected Mrs Kavita Bajaj ma’am (I would call her as granny of kids) who has been putting efforts day in & day out for shaping little minds. she has experience and good knowledge about child psychology which is very fruitful for young mothers like me. Mrs Malhotra ma’am works as “one woman army” who has solution for every query. The journey with team Madhuban has indeed been memorable one.

With lots of good wishes

Mr.Nitin Chawla

Parents of Teejal Chawla

Madhuban Public School is a name to reckon with. Our association with the school has been long, fruitful & memorable. My son Tejal Chawla was one of the student enrolled in the school from Nursery to Grade IIIrd. I have seen him grow up into well rounded human being. I give the credit to the school who has always worked in tandem with us as parents and in these young children we see the fruit of its union.

What I admire most is the values the school has inculcated in the students. I express my gratitude to the academic family who have in more than one way guided my son, encouraged him and inspired him to give his best.

Thank you again to the Madhuban team and best wishes to the school for bright future.

Mrs. Vipasha & Mr. Ankit Arora,

Parents of Aryan Arora

Madhuban Public School is a school where children find a second home in real sense of word. With teachers and most importantly the Principal so caring, loving and affectionate; any parent can trustingly leave their kid in school’s possession even at a tender age of 2 years. We sincerely thank & applaud the entire Madhuban team for preparing the kids so well for future challenges in life.

Thank You!!!